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        • 2021.09.16. @ 15:33

          Everything is perfect, except the tank. I expected full tank, so I can refill it exactly. This time I had to guess.

          Zeljko Petravic
        • 2021.09.03. @ 17:30

          Everything all right. Car was small but pretty expensive though. It had some problem with the left wheel/navigation/servo. I took full casco insurance. The rendering was Ok. No further problems.

          Dear Gabriele, there was no problem with the left wheel navigation but you turned on line assistant so each time you tried to cross the road line the line assistent system warned you.Avia team

          Gabriele Jost
        • 2021.08.29. @ 10:21

          Lovely staff, very helpful, would recommend!

          Lidija Mckinney
        • 2021.08.16. @ 09:10

          Vrhunska profesionalnost,ljubazni djelatnici, odličan automobil, za svaku preporuku

          Adela Pece
        • 2021.08.15. @ 00:53

          High level service everything good I be back

          Eligio Krstic
        • 2021.08.13. @ 10:03

          Efficient and high quality service. A low mileage car was provided (almost brand new) at a reasonnable fare. I would certainly recommend and use this company again

          Aymeric Bouchez
        • 2021.08.07. @ 19:10

          Good service

          Bryant de graaf
        • 2021.08.01. @ 12:52

          Great customer service and employees. We had very nice experience with company. Higly recomended.

          Ema Lisica
        • 2021.07.31. @ 12:00

          Meilleur prix trouvé sur Zadar, voiture neuve, accueil chaleureux et rapide, la restitution s'est très bien passée, rapide et efficace aussi.

          Je recommande

          Mohammed Benabdallah
        • 2021.07.25. @ 12:57

          Брали в аренду авто в Пуле аэропорт, бронировали на сайте. Бронировали с нулевой франшизой и без депозита, но счет выставили с учетом депозита. Связались по почте с офисом и нас уверили, что депозит не будет удержан. Так и произошло при получении авто, депозит не брали.
          Очень понравилось, что парк состоит из новых авто. Нам дали Опель Корса с пробегом 3000 км. Очень хорошая, красивая, экономичная, хорошо ехала машина. Авто вернули без проблем, так как нулевая франшиза даже никто не осматривал. Единственное не рассчитали расход топлива и вернули с больши количеством топлива в баке. Наверное лучше если получать и возвращать авто с полным баком было бы лучше.
          Стоимость аренды абсолютно соответствует качеству сервиса и тому что авто новые.
          Мы брали авто в аренду в разных странах и компаниях. С уверенностью могу рекомендовать данную компанию! Хороших вам клиентов и удачи! Так держать.

          Viacheslav Drozd
        • 2021.07.03. @ 18:11

          Sve je islo brzo i nekomplicirano

          Miro Anic
        • 2021.07.01. @ 14:52

          Super usluga

          Sandra Santic
        • 2021.06.28. @ 17:55

          Excellent customer service with great prices! Highly recommended!

          Tajana Marjanovic
        • 2021.06.10. @ 18:50

          Perfect service,no hassle

        • 2020.08.28. @ 21:59

          Super i profesionalna usluga. Vozilo u vrhunskom stanju. Svaka preporuka.

          Dino Galešić
        • 2020.08.24. @ 15:31

          Vehicle came as advertised. Great customer service.

          Hichem KHECHA
        • 2020.08.22. @ 19:37

          Super usluga, hvala!

          Filip Galetic
        • 2020.08.10. @ 20:17

          Fantastic customer service at Zagreb airport and super professional, hassle free car pick up and drop off (Marko was the operation manager responsible for both pick up and drop off). We also experienced a very good email communication prior to pick up. The car we got was very well maintained, clean and even a category higher than reserved/expected. We were extremely satisfied and wish to highly recommend AVIA to anyone looking for excellent cars, fair prices, friendly staff and professional service.

        • 2020.08.05. @ 15:38

          We received an upgrade for our holiday of 3 weeks in Croatia. We were very satisfied with the car and the service by Avia.
          Thank you!

          Julia Bohne
        • 2020.08.02. @ 14:55

          Good job by both the check in and check out team at Zadar Airport. Thank you

          Matthew Kirby
        • 2020.07.27. @ 12:29

          All perfect

          Elvira León Gomez
        • 2020.07.24. @ 15:49

          Car was prepared very well, completely new. Very good contact with lady in the office at Zadar Airport

          Piotr Chojnacki
        • 2020.07.24. @ 15:48

          Car was prepared very well, completely new. Very good contact with lady in the office at Zadar Airport

          Piotr Chojnacki
        • 2020.07.21. @ 13:34

          Wygodnie i szybko rezerwujesz z domu. Problem pojawia się w trakcie odbioru samochodu, depozyt karty kredytowej w kwocie 9000 kn na miejscu może być kłopotliwe. Przed przyjazdem jest tylko informacja ile wynosi depozyt, w euro i swojej walucie a na miejscu płatność i depozyt wyłącznie w kunach. Trzeba robić zdjęcie ile ma się paliwa w trakcie odbioru. Ogólnie dostaliśmy nowiutki samochód. Polecam

          Żaneta Grodowska
        • 2020.07.18. @ 15:34


          Jan Martinec
        • 2020.07.12. @ 20:50

          Very friendly stuff
          Recommend definetely

          Ala Eddine Gharbi
        • 2019.09.17. @ 10:54

          Usluga vrhunska!

          Iva Stipcevic
        • 2019.09.16. @ 13:12

          Super ste!

          Mate Pece
        • 2019.09.16. @ 11:03

          Odlicna usluga,netreba kredit karticaauti novi

        • 2019.09.06. @ 23:54

          Usluge vrhunske ,cjene normalne auti novi cisti ipo dogovoru Vidimo se I sledeci put

          Eligio Krstic
        • 2019.08.30. @ 14:11

          Nema sto reci usluga je bila za 5 i usluzni.
          Hvala vam

          Dubravko vanjhal
        • 2019.08.28. @ 11:26

          Mogle bi malo nize cjene ????

          Samira Hamzabegovic
        • 2019.08.15. @ 12:23

          Brilliant, friendly service as always. Fast, efficient pick up and drop off. Great prices, great cars, never had an issue. I don't go anywhere else. Highly recommended.

          Mark Wilson
        • 2019.08.14. @ 19:24

          Hired a new spotlessly clean automatic Peugeot 5008 for 9 days with Super insurance totally hassle free from start to finish and they even had a pack with maps and guides ready for me. Had gotten quotes from other companies but Avia came in better value by far and they are local which i like to support when on vacation. No queuing at pick up or drop off and no hidden extras. Will definitely recommend to my Friends and Family. Thanks ????

          Gavin Browne
        • 2019.08.11. @ 14:01

          Fantastic service. Landed in Zagreb and Kreso was immediately there to get me out of arrivals. Explained everything perfectly and took care of everything.

          Will be using again next summer.
          Thank you for making my vacation a memorable one.

          Anthony Lezaja
        • 2019.08.09. @ 15:39

          We had a superb experience
          Communication was very easy and uncomplicated and the rate was very competitive

          Josef Steiner
        • 2019.08.06. @ 09:04

          We had the car delivered to our accommodation for a €30 fee and were able to return it to the airport. Excellent service. Thank you

          Denise Mahon
        • 2019.07.20. @ 20:37

          Super service and Top car-Peugeot Rafter

          Daniel Ludewig
        • 2019.07.11. @ 16:47

          It was a really pleasure! Thanks for all assistance, help and kidness. We have already recommend the company to our acquaintances. I will certainly use Avia for our next holidays in Croatia!
          Thanks Duvo!

          Milton Eduardo Peña
        • 2019.06.17. @ 10:50

          We needed a car for 6 persons and Avia offered us the right car. Everything they say before you book a rental car is the same in reality of even better. This company is not selling a rental car but they offer you the best mobility solution. Good cars, good service and good people. We can recommend Avia!

          Fissel Azor
        • 2019.06.14. @ 09:33

          Avia Rent is the best in Croatia for me.
          Good service, reliable company, always new or young cars, and not too expensive.
          they are ready for you at any airport in croatia.
          I have 11 years of good experience and nice contact with this company.

          for me a top company, keep it up


          Jacob Kok
        • 2019.06.08. @ 07:01

          Odlične ste svaka čast ????

          Ivana Nina zeko
        • 2019.06.05. @ 13:22

          Everything fine, very good Service,

          K. Loos
        • 2019.06.03. @ 12:23

          Very good service!!

          Ine claus
        • 2019.04.25. @ 11:45

          Good Service & friendly , Helpful.
          Love to be rent my next Journey.

          Bimal Roy
        • 2019.04.23. @ 14:10

          Good rental, smooth car pick-up in Zadar Downtown, and quick return process in Zadar Airport. Car in a very good shape. Good contact, low prices. Definitely recommend.

        • 2019.04.16. @ 13:36

          Easily a car and the service was very efficient. Agent verbally explained the process well.

          A way to improve for the future- provide forms in different languages so signed document is in the language the driver can read on their own.

          Vanessa Deol
        • 2019.04.16. @ 11:44

          The service was very nice. We had a cute and clean car and it wasn’t expensive. Recommendable !

          Klaudia Kotwica
        • 2019.04.10. @ 17:52

          The polite expression of Mrs Sandra, Managing Director - Owner of the Avia Rent a Car, in Rijeka / Croatia, her immediately decisions and solutions given to our desires, that concerned in the service of our group of 35 pax, that had rented 6 cars for 5 days, she obliges us to express our complete gratification to her, ensuring that we will have any collaboration in the future.

          Dear Sandra, accept our warmest appreciation,

          Many Thanks and Regards

          George Symiacos
          General Manager


          Symiacos Bros SA
          Travel Agency
          7 – 9, Akti Miaouli,
          Piraeus 185 35

          Symiacos George
        • 2018.08.13. @ 08:33

          Very good service, nice cars and good prices!

          Stefan Hellman
        • 2018.08.03. @ 13:46

          Very good experience. Very friendly and professional. I highly recommend this company.

          Nicolas LHOEST
        • 2018.06.27. @ 09:29

          Everything is fine, I allways use this company for car rental in Zadar.

          Jozsef Gogh
        • 2018.05.31. @ 13:15

          Zahvaljujem se veoma ljubaznom osoblju agencije na profesionalnom odnosu i ekspeditivnoj proceduri rentanja vozila dobrih karakteristika.

          Eldina Omerbasic
        • 2018.05.31. @ 11:25

          The car was new. The service was really good. (Bring the car to the pier, map for free..., drop off fast.)

        • 2018.05.16. @ 17:46

          After arriving at Zadar airport my Wife had pre paid a weeks mpv hire on line Rentalcars ( bloody big mistake ) she payed for the top insurance when we got to the desk 3 men behind desk 2 glaring at computer screens 1 looking at a clip board any one of them had a hard job to speak any way to cut a story short they demanded £1700.00 in clearded funds cash or debit card so as you can guess we smelt a rat any way we seen the light and went to your female member of staff she hired us a brand new 9 seater very good rate she was very plesent and helpfull Avia gave a 5 star service we will be back again next year

          Vincent & Lorraine Curtis
        • 2018.05.16. @ 09:50

          5 star service great vehicle just right for my family visit clean and very new and very friendly and helpful staff see you again Thanks Vince

          VINCENT Curtis
        • 2018.05.02. @ 17:27

          Vec nekoliko godina koristim iznimno usluge Avia rent a car i sto volim je da se odnose veoma ljubazno i profesonalno .
          ocjena Pet +++
          Lijep pozdrav Dubbe

        • 2018.04.20. @ 23:10

          Very good people to deal with
          I didn't have a car booked with them but it was not a problem at short notice
          I highly recommend!

          Peter Duffy
        • 2018.03.31. @ 15:16

          Very kind, helpfull & professionell team. Car was clean and well prepared.

          Thank you very much

          Holger Koepke
        • 2018.03.12. @ 21:00

          Zračna luka Zadar top, jednostavna i ljubazna ekipa. 5/5*

          Ante Knezovic
        • 2017.10.17. @ 09:35

          Quick service, Nice car in perfect condition!

        • 2017.10.04. @ 09:56

          Very smooth and efficient service, and as I do not have a credit card , one of the few companies I can use.

          Robert Finnimore
        • 2017.09.24. @ 08:24

          Really easy and comfortable. The fact that you can pay with any kind of visa is really usefull

          Maria Riera Augé
        • 2017.09.04. @ 20:54

          Good service.

        • 2017.09.04. @ 15:22

          Easy to book - Good service on arrival and good quality cars. There was an issue on returning the car but this was resolved by the company. Would use them again.

          Les Holden
        • 2017.08.31. @ 11:12

          The car was great and the staff were very helpful.

          Louise Wood
        • 2017.08.25. @ 11:32

          Everything was very good arranged and the service was very good.
          Would rent a car again if i was coming back to Croatia.

          Jac Gubbels
        • 2017.08.09. @ 11:33

          Perfect service, they help me by phone and the online booking was great.

          The car was clean, new, perfect quality.

          We will book with Avia again for sure the next time we visit Croatia.

          Juan Carlos
        • 2017.08.07. @ 13:48

          Very good and reliable service.

          Boris Kareline
        • 2017.08.05. @ 17:07

          Best company to rent a car in Croatia! Top service, no nonsense with car return and good prices. See you next time!

          Diter De Vrieze
        • 2017.08.01. @ 00:52

          Great service and car quality!

        • 2017.07.30. @ 11:52

          Alles hat gepasst.
          Freundliche Mitarbeiter.
          Preis / Leistung hat gestimmt.
          Kann man wirklich weiter empfehlen.

          Erwin Netterdon
        • 2017.07.24. @ 12:04

          We love to rent a car from you. You deliver it to us at the marina. This is very convenient for us. You are always on time, knowledgable and professional. Your cars are new and clean. Your rates are very good. You are very customer friendly and are always ready to be very helpful to us.
          We thank you for your great service. Giannina and Geoffrey Palmer

          Geoffrey and Giannina Palmer
        • 2017.07.24. @ 10:42

          Excellent and very professionel services.

          Adriana-Martina Berber
        • 2017.07.14. @ 10:11

          Everything perfect, from begin till ending of rental period.

        • 2017.07.02. @ 20:39

          Sandra was amazing, highly recommended

        • 2017.06.26. @ 21:18

          Mnogo smo zadovoljni vasom uslugom.
          Hvala vam puno

          Srdacan pozdrav

          Dragica Veselinovic

          Dragica Veselinovic
        • 2017.06.19. @ 20:18

          Everything gets perfect ,
          the booking , the Cars are o.k.
          BR Elly Keller

          Elly Keller
        • 2017.06.19. @ 08:54

          AVIA Rent a car je super. Sve je na vrjeme i kvalitetno uspjelo. Osoba je draga i simpaticna. Auti su cisti i ispravni. Sve je brzo islo i cjene su u redu.

        • 2017.06.18. @ 19:43

          Hallo! I´m very pleased with Your sevice. I will come back in august! The car I rented this time was a bit hard to put in the 1st gear and the reverse, otherwise Everything was perfect!
          greetings from Anna Hellman

          Anna Hellman
        • 2017.06.16. @ 15:57

          Great service and car quality⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

          Jack Roberts
        • 2017.06.15. @ 21:42

          First class service. Nothing is too much trouble. Good clean cars at a highly competitive rate. Keep up the good work!

          Peter Ibbotson
        • 2017.06.14. @ 16:32

          A first class service as always. Many thanks again.

          Jeremy Harris
        • 2017.06.03. @ 09:45

          Excellent service from start to finish - could not have been more helpful with all of the arrangements including dropping off and collecting car from hotel. Prices excellent value for money, car in very good condition and all of the staff courteous and very professional - an outstanding hire car experience from this local business

          Sheree Nolan
        • 2017.05.26. @ 09:52


          Very good and new car not a problem.
          The price per week is very attractive.
          Quickly resolved formal issues without any problems or hidden costs.
          Only the credit card lock is quite large.

          I would recommend!

        • 2017.05.26. @ 08:37

          Excellent experience, no additional cost nor blocking the credit card for own risk of insurances

          Harry Jansen
        • 2017.05.22. @ 10:14

          Very kind and good service.

          Hyuk Joo na
        • 2017.05.22. @ 08:47

          As Always very good service!

        • 2017.05.21. @ 16:01

          Difficult situation handled with finesse and professionalism. Heavily recommended

        • 2017.05.20. @ 17:59


        • 2017.05.20. @ 10:49

          Savrsena usluga,ljubaznost,pristupacnost,profesionalnost i kvalitetnost!
          Svima preporucujem vase usluge!

          Sve najbolje zelim i dalje u buducem radu!

          Lijep pozdrav !

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