In these terms and conditions Avia Rent a car, in folowing text-Company lessor, rents a vehicle to a client-, in folowing text-lessee , with written vehicle details (vehicle condition form). Lessee accepts all terms and conditions, duties,obligations by signing rental contract and agrees with condition of the vehicle/scooter.

1) CONDITIONS OF USERented vehicle can be used/driven by person-holder of a valid drivers license for at least 2 year, with minimum 21 year of age. Scooter can be rented by person with a valid drivers license and minimum 19 years old.

It is prohibited to drive/use rented vehicle:
a) By person(s) not listed in rental contract
b) For paid transport of passenger, any cargo, animals or underlease
c) For test drive, competitions, racing
d) With provided false driver / user details (name, adress, etc)
e) For push / pull of any objects or vehicles
f) While use of alcohol, narcotics, intoxicating drugs, drugs that affect consciousness and motor skills.
g) While the vehicle is overloaded or in any way defective
h) Contrary to regulations and law
i) Speed exceeding than permited

Any of above listed restrictions applys to every use of rented vehicle. Avia rent a car disclaims any responsibility for any loss or damage due to disregard of accepted rental contract terms and conditions.

1.a) Additional driver must be listed in rental contract. Additional driver fee applies.

Usage of rented vehicle outside borders of Republic Croatia-only with written approval by Avia rent a car, noted in rental contract. Expences arised from violation of this condition will be charged in full. Restricted countries are: Albania, Armenia, Belorussia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Macedonia, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Sveden, Turkey, Great Britain, Ukraine. Cross border fee applies.

2. Lessee acknowleges that personal data relative to rental contract/agreement will be processed and stored. Lessee agrees that all data from rental contract/agreement will be used and shared with third parties for the purposes of our legitimate interests, especially for protection of our assets and credit control purposes.

2) VEHICLE DELIVERY AND RETURN, RESERVATION/CANCELLATION Reservation is made strictly by vehicle group, not by vehicle type.

Rented vehicle is inalienable property of Avia rent a car. Avia rent a car delivers the vehicle to lessee in correct general condition with all accompanying documents and equipment. It is lessee responsibility to contact Avia rent a car office/employee before accepting/starting the vehicle if the noted damage is disputed.

Lessee is obliged to return the vehicle in exact time and place determined by rental contract. Delay up to 1 hour will not be charged additional. Delay over 1 hour will be charged in amount of additional day.

After hour fee applies to deliveries/returns after working hours of Avia rent a car in total amount of 30€. Avia rent a car hold the right to preauthorise card prior lessee arrival in full amount of rental. Cancellation up to 3 days of reservation will not be charged. Cancellation after 3 days will be charged in amount of first rental day.

Lessee remain fully responsible for the vehicle until it is collected/checked by Avia rent a car employee/staff.

No show, without previous delay notification, after 1 hour of reservation time cancel the exisiting reservation.

Reservation with paid deposit confirms/secures reservation.

Reservation deposit is non refundable in case of cancellation. Prepaid reservation in full is non refundable in case of cancellation. In case of cancellation 48 hours prior reservation time an Voucher in amount of prepaid cancelled reservation will be issued that can be used on other occasion.

3) PAYMENTLessee is obliged,witthin max 8 days,to pay full amount of provided invoice or immediately In amount determined by signed and accepted rental contract.

Lessee is obliged to pay in full all traffic violations, penalties so as any other expences arised during the rental. We accept all major debit and credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club.

The price include vehicle rental, unlimited kilometers (applies on rental over 2 days), insurance with franchise (CDW).

Lessee is obliged to secure security deposit in amount of franchise, depending on accepted vehicle group. Deposit amount is to be preauthorized to lessee credit card and will be released at the end of rental if the vehicle condition is the same as it was at the start of rental (no damage, traffic violations etc..).

4) LEASE EXTENSIONWith minimum 24hour notice, otherwise will be treated as alienated/stolen vehicle, therefore reported and prosecuted by Croatian Police /authorities..

5) FUELFuel is not included in rental price. Vehicle is delivered and returned with same level of fuel. Missing fuel will be charged by the valid price list so as refueling service in amount of 20€. Lessee will pay all expences in case of incorrect fuel refill in amount determined by valid price list of authorised car service.

6) MAINTENANCE AND VEHICLE BREAKDOWNAvia rent a car provides assistance service 24/7 in case of breakdown.

In cases when the breakdown is caused by careless usage of rented vehicle (empty battery, key damage/loss...) lessee will be charged for assistance and repairs in full amount.

Lesse is obliged to care and check vehicle level of motor oil, level of water in cooler, tire pressure.

Repairs and change of vehicle parts are to be done only with authorised car service and with Avia rent a car consent. Replaced vehicle parts and original repairment invoice must be presented to Avia rent a car .Repaired vehicle without Avia rent a car consent, without original invoice, without presented replaced vehicle parts will not be refunded. Replaced parts,without Avia rent a car consent,will be charged in triple amount of the valid pricelist of an authorised car service so as all expences due to unauthorised vehicle repair/parts replacement. If rental contract terms and condiditons are not violated Avia rent a car is obliged to provide substitute vehicle within 3 days.

7) VEHICLE INSURANCEAll of Avia rent a car vehicles are insured by regulations and laws of insurance policies, versus third parties. All rights and obligations, in case of damage, will be regulated according to the insurance policies regulations.

Lessee is obliged to pay for the vehicle damage, up to the full franchise amount. Frachise amount is determined by the group/type of the vehicle.

By accepting basic CDW insurance lessee can be charged up to franchise amount for the damage to Regradless the accepted insurance Police report is mandatory in case of accident/damage otherwise will be charged in amount determined by valid pricelist. All accepted insurances are invalid the rented vehicle.Amount of franchise depend on accepted vehicle group.

By accepting additional insurance (SCDW) lessee, in amount determined in rental contract, depending of the vehicle group/type can be charged in amount of reduced liability for the damage to rented vehicle.

By accepting supreme cover insurance SCDW+ no franchise applies. In case of using/driving the vehicle by unauthorised driver, consuming alcohol, drugs while using/driving the vehicle. Full amount of the damage so as expences arised from the event will be charged. Smoking is prohibited in Avia rent a car vehicles. Smoking penalty applies in amount of 500 kuna.

Insurance, in any accepted option, does not cover in any way: Loss/damage vehicle keys/documents, burnt clutch, damage to the tires, damage/loss of wheel rim or covers, damage to the vehicle chassis due to the vehicle beeing driven on unsealed roads, damage due to the lack of oil, ussage of incorrect fuel, damage to the interior or any other damage to the vehicle caused by careless usage of the vehicle.

Regradless the accepted insurance Police report is mandatory in case of accident/damage otherwise will be charged in amount determined in valid pricelist. All accepted insurances are invalid in case of using/driving the vehicle by unauthorised driver, consuming alcohol, drugs while using/driving the vehicle. Full amount of the damage so as expences due to the damage will be charged. All of Avia rent a car vehicle are non smoking. Smoking penalty is 500 kuna.

8) FIRE, VEHICLE THEFTLessee will be held responsible in case of any damage to the vehicle due to violations of rental contract terms and conditions, careless usage of the vehicle. One will be charged in full amount of the damage with expences arised from it.

9) VEHICLE DOCUMENTS AND KEYSAll vehicles are rented with valid vehicle documents and key. Any damage or loss of those will be charged by valid pricelist.

10) ACCIDENTIn case of vehicle accident/crash Police and Avia rent a car must be notified immediateley. Lessee is obliged to fulfill european traffic accident report (enclosed with vehicle documents) and present it to Avia rent a car employee/office.

Lessee is obliged to cooperate in procedure and investigation of traffic accident protecting the interests of Avia car rental and insurance company that the hired vehicle is insured with. In case of violating terms and conditions listed above, lessee will bear the costs of accident/damage in total.

11) LOSS OF PROPERTYAvia rent a car is not responsible in any way of lessee or other person property that was left in the vehicle or Avia rent a car office. By signing the contract,lessee disclaimes any demand and right regarding loss of prorperty.

12) VEHICLE CONTROLIt is Avia rent a car right to check vehicle condition at any time, if it`s found that the rental contract terms and conditions are violated, Avia rent a car reserves the right to interrupt existing rental contract without any refund. Lessee will bear the cost arising from it.

13) TRAFFIC VIOLATION AND PARKING FINELessee is responsible for all expences due to traffic violations and parking fines while using the vehicle so as if one is found after ended rental period with expences arised from it.

14) JURISDICTIONAL AUTHORITYIn case of conflict the competent Court is in Zadar.